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Quality product. Great service and fast delivery. Competitive pricing so I chose to go back to buy the AC60 power station from them. Thank you.

Game changer!

I pursued the AC180P as a backup for home use as I believe power outages will become more frequent, I am currently using it on an unpowered site in Eden N.S.W. and I’m using it for evening lighting,the toaster & microwave for heating food…doesn’t drop below 90% and the solar panel (200w) has it back to 100% in an hour or so…couldn’t be happier the purchase.

BLUETTI AC200MAX Expandable Power Station 2,200W 2,048Wh

Bluetti-AC 180 P

Mud Tracks--Great people to deal with -Very helpful and personalized -the Unit i bought is top quality and does everything i expect for my camper needs---im going to get one for home next and then after that one for outdoor gigs for the band. The way i would sum it up is "MUSIC" to my ears :-)

Thanks Pete,
It was a pleasure to deal with you and glad the unit is Music to your ears :-)

Mud Tracks Crew

Not powerful enough!

Unfortunately, the unit will only run my 5 litre Brass Monkey fridge for around 3 hours. I was hoping it would at least run for the whole night. I will re-test it again just in case I was doing something wrong. In regards to delivery, no complaints at all. Fingers crossed it surprises me with at least a 7-8 hr run.

Great product for the price

Arrived promptly and well packaged. Took only a few minutes to work things out. Well put together.


Great product and on time.Easy to buy from you guys thank you

HIKMICRO Lynx Pro LE10 Thermal Monocular
Chad C. (Western Australia)

Fits my needs and budget perfectly 👍🏼

Bluetti EB3A

Was invaluable during recent black out and runs my car fridge for 24 hours (Mycoolman CCP44)

BLUETTI 200 max

Good product

Great price for a quality product

Great price for a quality product


Prompt delivery excellence experience great unit

Great Value

Very impressed with the Bluetti power bank and Mud Tracks
Happy to recommend

Good power

That's good portable power station

Car Charging Cable
Clyde D. (Victoria)
Mudtracks are great!

Mudtracks added item to my order. Very helpful

Cable could have been longer but still good.


Very good and good price

BLUETTI B80P Expansion Battery (806Wh)
Craig P. (New South Wales)
BLUETTI B80P Expansion batteries

I purchased two B80P expansion batteries for my AC60P. They arrived promptly and I am very happy with the power upgrade to the AC60P lifting the systems power supply to around 2100wh it was the first time I had purchased from MudTracks and I would highly recommend this company I will be purchasing from them again 👍👍


I have given 5 stars for value delivery and the device charged up as per instructions. It is still holding a100% charge after 2 weeks of non use. I have not had cause to use it for the purpose of overnight power to a cpap machine as yet. So rain check on performance.

Waterproof Trail Camera - 4K 16MP
Thea E. (New South Wales)
Half delivery

I’m sorry I cannot give more than a 3 for a review. I ordered 2 waterproof trail cameras but only received one. The other seems to be bouncing from place to place with Aramex. I reached out to you but unfortunately your queries with Aramex don’t seem to have any effect either. So another day passes not receiving my parcel. I am hopeful that my missing parcel will arrive before Christmas. Any help would be grateful.

Waterproof Trail Camera - 4K 16MP
Glenn D. (New South Wales)
It works

For the price it does the job. Batteries didn’t last long and the picture quality was not that great. But for the price it does the job. So over all happy.

Thank you I hope my partner enjoys the gift

Great product and great shop to deal with

BLUETTI MP200 Solar Panels | 200W
Vitalii (New South Wales)

Great responsive customer service. Timely delivery. The panel works as expected. Thank you so much.

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